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No good

I could whip something like this up in about a day or two without trying. Unfortunately I never have time to sit in front of my computer hours on end to finish a full project. However, you placed this in the wrong section of NG, it is hardly decent, and it doesn't make sense. I'm okay with you giving Yoshi a beer belly, but you fucked over the Sonic's. That shit sucked, no offense, but it really blew.

Just as I thought

Well for something I've never seen before *cough cough* it's very very original and funny! Keep it up!!!! YOU GET A 5!!!!!

Pikanjo responds:

How about a 6?

Just one question...

In the credits it says "Story: Vegan"

What story? Not bad for the animation, but I'm sure your job wasn't "TOOOOOO" hard as story writer.

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Difficult and confusing...

The game aint bad, but the gamplay is pretty bad.
I didn't know who was who once all the characters got mixed up, so I lost track during half the battle and got destroyed within ten minutes. A waste of my time, but yes, it is the best Flash RPG I've ever played. Try again, except next time make it a little less confusing.

No bad for a first demo...

Needs lots of improvement, but as long as you do that you'll be fine. I'll let you slip away with a 5 this time, but if your full game doesn't have the needed improvements you can bet your sorry ass that me and many others will help to blam that piece of shit.

Metal Gear, Huh? Tribute, Huh?

Unfortunately I would have to say that this could only be a tribute to shitty animaters rather then Metal Gear. The only thing I liked was the music, and possibly the crosshair, but other then that...
well you just don't want to know, and I really hope you put your shitty animating skills towards working with comady rather then tributes, because tributes have to be better animated then that shit, but comadies can be animated worse then your shit as long as it's funny, but if your jokes are as bad as your animation then I think you need to just stick to watching Flash movies, not animating them.

XXXXAKSD responds:

Ok, first it's a tribute to the game, second, IT'S A DAMN TEST!

I'm new around here, and with flash, so I kinda don't know a damn thing about animation...yet. I just started animating 2 days ago, and it's been fun. I hope I get better

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Animation... trying

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